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Easy Navigate not displaying Custom Entity Icons


See Discussion on this topic.

The Easy Navigate page does not honour the default custom entity web resource based 32x32 Icons. All you see is a standard 'hash like' default icon.

You can manually path each tile to a server based icon but this is not fully supported and no good for Online/hosted environments. Any changes to the sitemap also undo the custom mappings.

All that is required to resolve this is for the Easy Navigate tile to use the standard 32 pixel .png icon that the custom entity uses. The path to the web resource is there, just being ignored/blocked for some reason?

Really looking forward to a fix for this as Easy Navigate is such a great option.


aminekouddane wrote Apr 15, 2015 at 12:48 PM

Hi Irosales,

Thank you for using EasyNavigate and your feedback.
This is a bug on the last version of the product.

A new version is being tested right now, and will be released this week.